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Robert Hauk

posted Mar 27, 2011, 8:21 PM by COT Admin   [ updated May 22, 2011, 9:25 AM ]

May 15, 2011 See attached flyer for information about Robert's availability for private lessons, his group class and his guided Practica. 

Robert Hauk is a nationally renowned tango teacher and DJ, who has been dancing and teaching tango for nearly a decade. His specialty is “apilado” or “milonguero” style, in which he has achieved an extraordinary level of skill – sufficient even to win the praise of Buenos Aires toughest judges – milongueros themselves. His ability to communicate the music and the emotion has made him a highly sought after dance partner at milongas across the United States.

Robert has been dancing and teaching the Milonguero Style for eight years since he met his main teacher Susana Miller. He has spent significant time in Buenos Aires dancing among the older dancers of this style, learning their way of dancing tango. He has also spent years learning about the music and is a highly regarded DJ for tango dances. He has been a teacher and a DJ at many festivals around the country.

Robert's popularity as an instructor at tango festivals is a result of his practical insight and straight-forward teaching that makes milonguero style tango readily accessible students. His skillful techniques quickly empower students with the “feel” of connected social dancing. As a result, his teaching has been influential and has engendered tango community growth in Portland and other cities across the United States.