de Caro, Julio (& Francisco)

de Caro: Lightness and profoundness, through humor, subtleties and softness. de Caro revolutionized the way tango was written and interpreted. Founders of the “guardia nueva” (new guard) movement. Other composers and arrangers who enchanted the 1940s (Golden Age of tango) claimed the “Decareana” influence.
  • Rich repertoire, in which the instruments’ voices unite in counterpoints and variations
  • Polished musical language of enticement 
  • Captures the early essence of the tango, brave and playful, but blending it with a sentimental and melancholic expressivity

" el sexteto de Julio de Caro "

  Julio de caro y su violin corneto

Julio de caro


"Abandono" ‎(1928) - stills composite