Code of Conduct

We value a community that is friendly and welcoming to everyone; therefore:

●     We welcome newcomers without regard to age, gender/ gender identification, dance ability, sexual orientation, race, religion, relationship or economic status.

●     Younger dancers are welcome at events, anyone 16 or younger shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

●     We avoid irrelevant and 'hot' topics of discussion (religious, political, etc.)

●     We do not arrive or dance intoxicated or otherwise impaired.

●     We recognize that events are supported by donations and that attending an event without contributing jeopardizes future events.

●     We prohibit behaviors that create a hostile environment through verbal abuse or intimidation.



Argentine tango is an intimate dance. We do not abuse the close nature of the dance through unwanted behavior.

●     Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated harassment.Harassment includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate verbal comments, verbal abuse, deliberate intimidation, stalking, unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention, or    displaying sexual images in public spaces.  Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

●     We respect a "no" when interacting with each other. The preference may be stated in words "No, thank you" or by cabeceo (no eye contact = refusal).

●     The extent of bodily contact in the dance must be comfortable for both partners.

●     If one partner has an objection, it will be immediately responded to and corrected. This level of consent may change at any time.

●     We discourage romantic overtures which could be perceived as sexual harassment

-  unwanted invitations for dates or physical intimacy

-  unwelcome sexual attention or objectification

-  suggestive comments on a dancer's appearance


Our physical safety is important to the longevity of the community therefore:

●     Anyone may ask for an escort to their car.

●     We mitigate risks by paying attention to floor hazards and promptly removing them.

●     We do our best to protect our partners from injury.



We ask that participants use cabacéo to initiate dances. If the invited participant declines your invitation, their response shall be respected without question or need for explanation. If instead you choose verbal invitations for dancing, the same rule applies. If the invited participant declines your invitation, their response shall be respected.


The distance between dancers, and the extent of their body contact, shall not be closer than what’s comfortable for both dancers. If the upper body contact is too close for you, you should adopt a more open stance or embrace and clearly communicate your desire for a more open stance or embrace to your partner. It's your partner’s responsibility to respect your choice. Leg contact is acceptable in the more contemporary styles of tango, but it also requires consent by both partners, and shall not be forced on anyone. Lower body contact is unacceptable in all styles of tango.

The Code of Conduct keeps our events feeling safe and comfortable. If not enforced, it’s worse than having no code at all-- there is an impression of a safe community without actual safety or recourse.


●    Misconduct will not be tolerated.

●     If you are harassed or notice someone else being harassed (even if unsure the behavior is a conduct violation) contact the host immediately.

●     Incidents and reports will be investigated. Both parties will be interviewed about the event.

●     Participants asked to stop poor behavior are expected to comply immediately.

●     Event organizers may take action in response including: educating the offender, giving a warning, expelling without refund or banning the offender from future events.



For additional information on what to expect at a tango event and on tango etiquette, click HERE

Multiple resources were used in developing the Code of Conduct: The Wasatch Tango Club, Tango Colorado Safer Spaces, Berlin Code of Conduct, Tango Boise Code of Conduct