Want to be a Tango DJ?

The Tango DJ is quite possibly the most important person in the room at a tango event. With the composition of each tanda, or set, and the sequencing of these tandas throughout the evening, the DJ can make the dancers feel happy, tired, inspired, or bored at any moment. It is a very creative process. Some DJs plan the entire playlist ahead of time, some create the playlist as they go, and some do a little of both.


Our first and most basic advice to aspiring DJs is, of course, to listen to lots of tango music.


Visit the following sites to get started with everything from essential tango CDs and where to buy them, to how to put together your own playlists for a milonga.

The Music

A description of the orchestras (by Dan Boccia)

Survey of Music Played at Milongas in Buenos Aires (2008) by Anton Sukhanov


TangoDJ.ORG (Too much to list, look at the entire site)


TejasTango (A few high points listed, look at the entire site)

 Yale Tango Club


The Craft

Homer & Cristina’s Tango DJ Workshop (Workshop in 2010)

TejasTango (A few high points listed, the entire site is well worth reviewing)

DDP's Favorite Tandas